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FLINN CHEMISTRY KITS, CONTINUEDDemonstration KitsCATALOG NO.DESCRIPTIONPRICE/EACHAP7425Indirect Observations and Inference$ 48.30AP6466Molecular Motion Demonstrator 42.45AP7396Overhead Isotope Detector 39.55AP6627The Photolelectric Effect— Light Energy 49.05AP9582Drawing with Light— Photoelectric Effect123.95AP6309Paramagnetic Metal Ions 51.85Bring students to an excited state about the exciting microscopic world of atoms and electrons with some amazing demonstra-tions and hands-on laboratory kits. Help them visualize molecular structure and motion and investigate the evidence of atomic and electron structure through the photoelectric effect, absorption spectroscopy and flame test experiments.AP6151AP9582Atomic & Electron StructureLaboratory KitsCATALOG NO.DESCRIPTIONPRICE/EACHAP6628Atomic Coatings—The Size of an Atom— Student Laboratory Kit$ 29.25AP6496Atomic Target Practice—Rutherford Scattering and the Nuclear Atom—Super Value Guided-Inquiry Kit 43.05AP7350Discovering the Charge of an Electron—Analogy of Millikan‘s Oil-Drop Experiment—Laboratory Kit 31.45AP6620Electron Structure—1s Orbital— Super Value Laboratory Kit 13.80AP6608Introduction to Electron Structure— Student Laboratory Kit 37.50AP6440Naming Atoms—Elements, Ions and Isotopes— Super Value Laboratory Kit 49.90AP6151Quantum Leap—Student Laboratory Kit 26.15AP6496

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