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Laboratory KitsCATALOG NO.DESCRIPTIONPRICE/EACHAP7036Crystal Structure— Super Value Laboratory Kit$70.50AP4580Lewis Electron Dot Models— Super Value Laboratory Kit 35.20AP7289Build Models of Molecules— Guided-Inquiry Kit 63.00AP6852Lewis Structures and Molecular Geometry— Super Value Guided-Inquiry Kit 66.30AP7090Models of Organic Compounds— Super Value Guided-Inquiry Kit 68.55AP7437Chemical Bonding—Activity-Stations Kit 61.20AP7167VSEPR Origami—Student Activity Kit 51.65Help students become molecular architects with our chemical bonding laboratory kits. Through hands-on applications and building models, students explore the variety of bonding forces that hold atoms together in a molecule or compound and how the nature of those forces influences the properties of materials.AP7036AP7289FLINN CHEMISTRY KITS, CONTINUEDChemical BondingAP7437 Chemical Bonding—Activity-Stations Kit(Results)

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