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FLINN CHEMISTRY KITS, CONTINUEDDevelop and enhance student understanding of the five types of chemicals reactions—single replacement, double replacement, combination, decomposi-tion and combustion—with this array of dramatic, colorful and highly engaging chemical demonstration and laboratory kits.Chemical Demonstration KitsCATALOG NO.DESCRIPTIONPRICE/EACHAP6605Classifying Chemical Reactions$144.80AP7288Chemistry of Food Additives 64.30AP6604Identifying Chemical Reactions 73.95AP9584Carbon Snake 23.62AP4423Now You See It—Now You Don‘t— An Oscillating Chemical Reaction 37.00AP2089The Overhead Oscillating Clock 30.35Laboratory KitsCATALOG NO.DESCRIPTIONPRICE/EACHAP4859Chemical Reactions—Student Laboratory Kit$ 60.75AP4860Chemical Reactions—Super Value Laboratory Kit 121.15AP4577Balancing Equations—Super Value Kit 39.65AP8914Reactions, Predictions and Net Ionic Equations— Student Laboratory Kit 53.60AP7418Exploring Chemical Reactions with Food Dyes— Student Laboratory Kit 45.65AP5605Sequence of Chemical Reactions— Student Laboratory Kit 61.40AP7404Recycling Aluminum—Synthesis of Alum— Student Laboratory Kit 25.05AP8484Hydrolysis of Salts—Super Value Laboratory Kit 58.35AP6882Recycling Copper— A Four Reaction Copper Cycle— Student Laboratory Kit 57.60AP6447Synthesis of a Coordination Compound— Student Laboratory Kit 47.30AP8486The Inorganic Chemistry of Painting— Guided-Inquiry Kit 56.35AP6269What Is a Chemical Reaction?  Student Laboratory Kit 44.60AP7158Drawing Like da Vinci— A Recipe for Medieval Ink— Student Laboratory Kit 31.25AP6605AP8484AP8486Chemical Reactions

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