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Chaos carolinensis, Culture, Class Size 30

by Flinn Scientific

Item #: LM1064

Price: $8.75

Protists, Pseudopods are unicellular organisms characterized by movement using pseudopods, which can act in both locomotion and feeding behaviors. These slow movers are easy to follow and observe.

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Chaos carolinensis. The giant amoeba, also know as Chaos chaos. Visible to the naked eye, it is readily observable under low magnification. Multinucleate. Pseudopod protists are unicellular organisms characterized by movement using pseudopods. Pseudopods act in both locomotion and feeding behaviors (phagocytosis). Internal organelles are easily visible using a compound microscope with a 40X objective. These slow movers are easy for students to follow and observe organelles and behavior. A. proteus contains a single nucleus. C. carolinesis is multinucleate. A. proteus vital stained are living proteus that have been stained for easier observation. Demoslide cultures are shipped in a unique container that can be placed directly under the objective—no searching in the jar for a living, moving organism! Pseudopods prefer stagnant water, room temperature, dim light or darkness, and tend to move away from a microscope’s field of view. Culture contains enough live food to last several days. Aerate daily using included pipet.