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In the Crime Scene: A Forensic Investigation Laboratory Kit, perform hair, blood, fiber, fingerprint, and handwriting analyses to locate the culprit in a “murder” case.

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Bring the mystery and intrigue of an actual murder case to your classroom with Crime Scene: A Forensic Investigation Kit. Here’s a chance to apply chemistry and biology laboratory skills to a real-life criminal investigation. Students perform hair, blood, fiber, fingerprint and handwriting analysis to locate the culprit in the “murder” case. All blood samples are simulated. Students read background material, crime scene descriptions, motives and a victim’s note. Students use higher level thinking skills to piece together the written information with lab results and form a logical conclusion of the most likely of six possible suspects. The activity is culminated with a narrative laboratory case report that promotes writing across the curriculum. Students get so involved in solving the crime that they may forget they are learning science.

The kit provides hair, fiber and simulated blood samples, anti-serums, slides, marking crayons, pipets and stirrers. Includes a booklet with teacher notes and reproducible student masters.

Complete for two classes of 24 students working in pairs.