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Item #: AP8248

Price: $11.50

Pkg. of 6: $66.90 ($11.15/each)

Pkg. of 72: $777.60 ($10.80/each)

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Covers for Porcelain Crucibles

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Item# AP8244 AP8246 AP8245 AP8248 AP8249 AP8247
Fits Crucible AP8238 AP8240 AP1252, AP8239 AP1254, AP8242 AP1255, AP8243 AP8241, AP1253
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Product Details

Porcelain crucible covers are for use with the high form and wide form porcelain crucibles. The covers come in six sizes.


Fits crucible AP1254 and AP8242

ID: 57 mm

OD: 60 mm