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Item #: AP1255

Price: $9.10

Pkg. of 12: $104.76 ($8.73/each)

Pkg. of 24: $198.72 ($8.28/each)

Coors wide form porcelain crucibles are the finest crucibles available. These crucibles come in four sizes. Crucible covers are sold separately.

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Item# AP1252 AP1253 AP1254 AP1255
Capacity 8 mL 17 mL 30 mL 50 mL
Top Outer Diameter 32 mm 41 mm 50 mm 61 mm
Cover Size D G I J
Price $5.55 $5.65 $7.80 $9.10
Pkg. of 12
Sold by each
Pkg. of 24
Sold by each
n/a n/a n/a $198.72
Pkg. of 36
Sold by each
n/a n/a $258.12
Pkg. of 48
Sold by each
n/a $246.72
n/a n/a
Pkg. of 72
Sold by each
n/a n/a n/a
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Product Details

Wide Form Porcelain Coors Crucibles feature uniform wall thickness and even glazing that make them safe to use at high temperatures. 


Capacity: 50-mL. Top outer diameter: 61 mm. Cover size: J.