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Study the botany of flowerless and seedless plants with the cryptogamae microscope slide sets for biology.

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Study the botany of flowerless and seedless plants with the cryptogamae microscope slide sets. Cryptogramae, meaning hidden reproduction, are plants that reproduce by spores without flowers or seeds and include algae, fungi, mosses and ferns. Each slide set includes a full-color brochure with corresponding pictures.


Cryptogamae Supplementary Slide Set II includes 25 Microscope Slides:
Batrachospermum, fresh water red alga
Botrytis allii, grey mold of onions, infected tissue t.s.
Chlamydomonas, biflagellate algae, stained and w.m.
Cladophora, green alga, branched filaments and multinucleate cells, w.m.
Cosmarium, desmid
Enteromorpha, seaweed, inflated narrow frond w.m.
Equisetum, horse tail, stem t.s.
Erysiphe pannosa, rose mildew, conidia t.s.
Exoascus pruni (Taphrina), plum pockets, infected tissue t.s.
Laminaria saccharina, t.s. showing thallus with sporangia
Lycopodium, clubmoss, sporophyll with spores l.s.
Lycopodium, clubmoss, stem with stele t.s.
Mnium, moss, antheridia l.s.
Mnium, moss, archegonia l.s.
Oedogonium, green alga, simple vegetative filaments
Polysiphonia, marine red alga, antheridia
Polysiphonia, marine red alga, cystocarps
Polysiphonia, marine red alga, tetraspores
Psilotum, primitive fern, stem and leaflets t.s.
Rhytisma acerinum, tar-spot of maple, leaf with sclerotia t.s.
Salvinia natans, water fern, sporocarp t.s.
Scleroderma vulgare, puff ball, young fruiting body t.s.
Sphaerotilus natans, bacteria from putrid water, long chains
Tuber rufum, truffle, t.s. of fruiting body
Venturia pirinum (Fusicladium), pear scab, t.s. with conidia