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Item #: FB1826

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In the Diffusion and Osmosis Laboratory Kit for Classic AP* Biology Lab 1, explore diffusion and osmosis using a selectively permeable membrane. Refill is available.

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Students explore the processes of diffusion and osmosis using a selectively permeable membrane and investigate the relationship between solute size, solute concentration and the passage of water through the membrane. The water potential of potatoes is determined and plasmolysis is studied as well. Compound microscopes, 0.01-g precision balance, Elodea, potatoes and a red onion are required and available separately.

Materials: Clear plastic cups, 9-oz. Iodine solution* Cover slips, Graduated pipets, Dextrose (glucose)*, Potato slicer, Dialysis tubing clamps, Scalpels, Dialysis tubing, Sodium chloride solution, Weighing dishes, Starch, Glass slides, Sucrose, Glucose test strips

*Denotes items included with refill kit


For 3 groups

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