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In the Dissolved Oxygen Laboratory Kit for Classic AP* Biology Lab 12, the relationship between the amount of DO in water and water quality are explored and quantified using the Winkler Method. Refill is available.

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The relationship between the amount of dissolved oxygen in water and water quality are explored in this classic biochemistry activity. Students learn the importance of dissolved oxygen and the health of aquatic ecosystems. In the first activity, the Winkler method is used to determine the level of dissolved oxygen in fresh water samples. The biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), respiration rate and primary productivity of field samples are determined in the second activity. Materials: 10-mL Syringes Aluminum foil* Clear plastic cups Graduated pipet* Large test tubes Pasteur pipets Stopcocks Stoppers, solid, #2 Sodium thiosulfate pentahydrate* Starch* Sulfuric acid, 18 M* Winkler solution #1* Winkler solution #2* *Denotes items included with refill kit


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