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Item #: AP6056

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Acrylic Equilateral Prisms are made to last a lifetime, will survive through continual use and provide quality optics in all your basic labs.

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Item# AP6055 AP4647 AP4648 AP4649 AP6056
Dimensions 25 x 25 mm 25 x 50 mm 25 x 75 mm 25 x 100 mm Set of Four
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Product Details

Tough acrylic prisms are made to last a lifetime and will survive continual student use. These clear prisms provide quality optics and are ideal for use in all your basic optics labs. Save money with the conveniently packaged set of acrylic prisms. Set includes one each of the following prism sizes: 25 x 25 mm (AP6055), 25 x 50 mm (AP4647), 25 x 75 mm (AP4640) and 25 x 100 mm (AP4649).