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Item #: AP8873

Price: $11.60

Pkg. of 12: $132.24 ($11.02/each)

Ever-Safe partial and total immersion thermometers are non-mercury thermometers whose blue fluid is completely biodegradable. An anti-roll device is included. The thermometers have two temperature ranges (-20 to 110 °C and -20 to 150°C).

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Item# AP8872 AP8873 AP8870 AP8871
Immersion Depth Partial Immersion Partial Immersion Total Immersion Total Immersion
Temperature Range –20 °C to 110 °C –20 °C to 150 °C –20 °C to 110 °C –20 °C to 150 °C
Price $10.55 $11.60 $10.55 $11.60
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What is Ever-Safe®? A 12"-long non-mercury thermometer whose blue fluid is completely biodegradable. Yes, completely biodegradable. The Ever-Safe thermometer has an accuracy range of ±1 ºC. The blue-colored fluid against a white background with permanently fused markings makes the Ever-Safe thermometer very easy to read. Like other non-mercury thermometers, the Ever-Safe thermometer should be stored in an upright position to prevent the column from separating. Anti-roll device included.