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Item #: SE1034 

Price: $85.40

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Lab Safety Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers are your best choice for the science laboratory. Treat most fire types and are easy-to-operate.

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Your best choice for the science laboratory-ABC type fire extinguishers treat most types of fires and are easy to use! This dry ammonium phosphate extinguisher is under nitrogen pressure. Effective range is 20 feet. Provided with a pressure gauge to indicate extinguisher ready condition. A quick release valve lock helps to avoid accidental discharge -an important feature where students are present. The plastic discharge horn is at the end of a flexible hose. Complete with wall mounting bracket. The UL rating is 2A:10B:C for SE1034 and 4A:60B:C for SE3001. Can be recharged by any local fire protection company.


Type: ABC. Chemical weight: 10 lb. Overall weight: 15 lb. Overall height: 20".