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The benchtop water distiller is as easy to use as a coffeemaker. The distiller produces very good quality water that is suitable for general laboratory purposes. No assembly is required.

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Product Details

A water distiller that won’t wipe out your budget and is as easy to use as a coffeemaker! Start making high-quality distilled water minutes after unpacking this benchtop water distiller. Simply fill the container with tap water, turn the distiller on, and collect cool distilled water as it is dispensed into the 1-gallon container. Features include:
• Fast water production: 3.2 L in 4.5 hours • Very good quality water suitable for general laboratory purposes • Automatic shutoff after each cycle • Portable for easy transfer between labs • Detachable, grounded power cord • Stainless steel condenser • Enclosed heating element guarantees long life • Removes more than 99% of dissolved solids • Dimensions: 36 cm H x 20 cm L x 40 cm W No assembly required.