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Enjoy anywhere, anytime access to Flinn Digital Dissection Labs! These dissection study tools can be used as prelab practice, postlab quizzing or even as dissection alternatives. Engaging content and interactive tools reinforce animal anatomy and dissection technique. Six labs are available individually or as a convenient bundle. Purchase includes digital access for 1 year.

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Comprehensive Content & Tools
Engaging text with clear, simple diagrams and video tutorials help students get the most out of their dissection experience. Detailed background information is included on each species and written for students so it is easy to understand. Questions to check for understanding are built into the content to drive home important techniques and concepts. Interactive diagrams allow students to explore the microscopic view of a larger organ or tissue.

Drag-and-Drop Interactive Content
Practice before lab with interactive drag-and-drop tools that allow students to manipulate and explore an organism before the real thing in lab. Anatomical features and organs can be picked up and moved around to help connect the diagrams to the actual specimen. May also be used as a dissection alternative.

Flexible Learning Options
Use as a predissection assignment or as a stand-alone dissection substitute. Students can watch and practice at home to learn so they arrive in lab confident and ready to tackle the science at hand. If they get stuck during lab or have trouble finding a structure, the video tutorials are there to help. Built-in safety guidelines and step-by-step instructions ensure that students have the knowledge they need to be successful and safe during lab.

Anytime, Anywhere Access
You can access courses anytime, from anywhere on any device with an internet connection. Incorporate blended learning techniques and encourage student study and self-tutoring with 24/7 access.

Quick Quizzes
Reinforce important facts and dissection techniques with quick quiz assessments! Each lab includes a 10-question quiz to provide review and assess understanding.

Dissection Labs Available for Six Common Animals
Explore the anatomy of 6 common specimens—available individually or as a convenient, cost-saving bundle! Purchase includes 1 year of access for 30 users.


Grass Frog