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FlinnPREP™ Online Course for AP® Biology is a supplemental online resource aligned to the Big Ideas and Learning Objectives providing students with anytime, anywhere access to interactive content, assessments with just-in-time feedback and full-length practice exams.

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Product Details

Flinn Scientific’s FlinnPREP™—Online Course for AP® Biology
• Provides students with anytime, anywhere access to support materials. 
• Delivers an engaging review of foundational biology with a preview of AP Biology topics to prepare students for the challenging AP curriculum—all in one program.
• Helps teachers track and monitor student and classroom progress with the user-friendly performance diagnostics tools.
• FlinnPREP™ can be easily used in the “flipped classroom” strategy. Use as a summer assignment to allow you to hit the ground running or throughout the year as supplemental work.
• Features content aligned to the Big Ideas and Learning Objectives.

Teachers Benefit from FlinnPREP
• FREE access to preview course content.
• An easy-to-use reporting feature helps you form a baseline for progress checks with assessment analysis.
• Flexible design allows you to personalize learning.

Students Benefit from FlinnPREP
• On-demand review of concepts in a clear and concise format helps students refresh their understanding and confidently maneuver through the AP Biology curriculum.
• Easy-to-follow images, video and animation deliver interactive content to devices that are familiar to your students.
• Interactive assessments and games provide students with just-in-time feedback.
• Two full-length practice exams help prepare students for the AP exam.

FlinnPREP™ 15 Units of AP® Biology
• Fundamental Biology Skills and Knowledge
• Cells: Structure and Function
• The Cell Cycle
• Meiosis: Heredity and Variation 
• Mendelian and Molecular Genetics
• Evidence of Evolution
• Evolution: Natural Selection
• Evolution: Populations
• Interdependence in Ecosystems
• Ecology: Energy Flow and Nutrient Cycling
• Biochemistry
• Energy and Metabolism
• Organismal Regulation
• Gene Regulation and Cell Communication
• The Immune Response

Classroom Licensing Options for the FlinnPREP™ Online Course for AP® Biology 
For one purchase price you will receive a registration key that can be used to create your FlinnPREP™ teacher classroom and easily link all of your students. The following licenses are valid following the activation date.
• EL2000 FlinnPREP™—AP® Biology Online Course, Individual License
• EL2005 FlinnPREP™—AP® Biology Online Course, 1 Classroom up to 30 Students, Full School Year
• EL8459 FlinnPREP™—AP® Biology Online Course, 1 Classroom up to 30 Students, 1/2 School Year



ISBN: 978-1-933709-72-7