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Flinn’s Online Chemventory™ Inventory Management System is a cloud-based lab management system that allows multiple users on multiple devices from multiple locations! Available as a 1-Year, 3-Year, 5-Year license, or 10-Year license.

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Product Details

The Flinn Online Chemventory™ is a cloud-based laboratory chemical inventory system that allows multiple users access to the database from multiple locations and multiple devices! Maintaining an accurate laboratory chemical inventory has never been easier, more flexible and convenient.

The Flinn Online Chemventory™ program features:

Secure Cloud-Based Service
Flinn’s Online Chemventory™ is a secure cloud-based service that can be accessed by any computer or tablet with an internet connection. Allowing you convenient access to your Chemventory™ database from your chemical storeroom, classroom, or even your home. Plus you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your data is stored on a secure server remotely and can be easily accessed 24/7. Revolutionize the way your school chemical inventories are managed!

Easily Add All Your Flinn Chemicals
You will find it simple to add Flinn chemicals to your Flinn Online Chemventory database. Just look up chemicals by keyword, catalog number, or alphabetical index and select what you have in stock to add to your database.

Multiple Users
Do you share a storeroom with other teachers in your department? No problem! With Flinn Online Chemventory™ you can setup one database and invite other teachers, lab managers, and/or administrators to view or update your Chemventory™ database for no additional charge.

Print, Email and Export Your Inventory List
Certainly, having all your chemical inventory information stored on the cloud is incredibly convenient. In addition, many teachers and administrators would still like a hard copy list of their current inventory. Now with just one click of a button you can print or email a formatted list of the chemicals in your inventory.

Customize Your Database
Keep track of all your chemicals in one database. Flinn Online Chemventory™ gives you the flexibility to classify each chemical in your inventory by the school name, chemical storeroom location, and shelf/cabinet location. You can then sort your list by each of these categories.

Link Databases Across Your District
If your school has multiple chemical storeroom locations, or your school district has multiple school locations it will be more manageable to keep chemical inventory files in more than one Chemventory™ database. Flinn has made it easy to set-up multiple databases and link access to users.

GHS Hazard Information Included
We have included new GHS pictograms and hazard information with every Flinn chemical in our Online Chemventory™ program. GHS pictograms and hazard statements can also be printed on chemical labels through the Online Chemventory™ program.

Safety Data Sheets for Every Flinn Chemical
You will have access to all of the updated Flinn Scientific SDS sheets through the Online Chemventory program and via the Flinn website.

Print Chemical and Solution Labels
Print a chemical label for any chemical in your inventory or manually create a chemical label for any item not in your inventory. With Flinn Online Chemventory™ you will have the ability to include GHS pictograms and hazard statements on labels for all 2,400+ Flinn listed chemicals.

Import Data from Previous Chemventory Versions
For those who currently use our Chemventory 5.5 or 8.0 disc based inventory system, it will be easy for you to import existing information into the new Flinn Online Chemventory™ system. Step-by-step directions on how to export and import your information are included in the Flinn Online Chemventory™ program.

Create a Purchase List
Running low on a chemical or need to order more chemicals? Our new Online Chemventory™ program will give you an alert when your supply has dropped below a pre-determined inventory level. You can then add this chemical to a purchase list. When you are ready to place an order you can either print the list or easily convert it to a Flinn online shopping cart.

A one-time purchase gets you 1, 3, 5, or 10-years of access to build, view, and update your chemical inventory database. Flinn Online Chemventory™ is flexible enough to allow you to access your inventory information from multiple locations on multiple devices.

Manage your chemical inventory safely and conveniently with Flinn’s affordable Online Chemventory™ program!

SE2998 Flinn Online Chemventory,™ 1-Year License
SE2999 Flinn Online Chemventory,™ 3-Year License
SE3000 Flinn Online Chemventory,™ 5-Year License
SE2997 Flinn Online Chemventory,™ 10-Year License