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Flower Model, Dicot

Item #: FB0165

Price: $614.25

Dicot Flower Model for biology and life science represents a greatly enlarged, complete flower and is a non-breakable vinyl plastic model that teaches the reproductive function of flowers.

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Product Details

Representing a greatly enlarged, complete flower, this 17" × 14" × 10" non-breakable vinyl plastic model teaches the reproductive function of flowers, angiosperm pollination and fertilization. Three petals, four sepals and four stamens are detachable. Two anthers are sectioned open to expose pollen grains. The ovary is dissected to reveal the seven-celled female gametophyte. Pollination is demonstrated by six pollen grains that have adhered to the stigma. One of them has generated a pollen tube that has penetrated the micropyle. Depicting the condition just prior to double fertilization, the tube nucleus, closely followed by the two sperm cells, can be observed near the apex of the pollen tube. Twenty-seven hand-coded structures are identified in the accompanying key.