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Forensic Bones - Super Value Kit

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: FB1559

Price: $30.00

In the Forensics Bones Activity Kit for anatomy, consider the correlation between ulna length and total body height. What can be learned about a dead person if only the bones of the dead person were found?

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Product Details

A dead body has been found and the only things remaining are the bones. What can be learned about the dead person? Forensic scientists often make inferences from the bones of a dead person. In this activity students consider the correlation between length of the ulna (long bone of the lower arm) and total body height. Scaled drawings of ulna bones are provided, and students develop their own correlation of height and ulna length. After graphing their measurements, students use the graphed results to make predictions about who-dun-it!

Super Value Kit is complete for 30 students working individually. All materials are reusable.