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The Forensic Supply Kit contains everything you need to collect forensic evidence during your simulated crime scene investigation. Bring the crime scene to the laboratory.

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Product Details

Everything you need to collect forensic evidence during your simulated classroom crime scene investigations! Forensic Supply Kit contains 1000 feet of crime scene tape, 100 evidence labels, 50 evidence bags, 10 collection jars with screw-on lids, a set of 15 evidence numbers (1–15), 10 evidence seals and 10 small collection envelopes. A complete set of crime scene collection materials at a great price! Some items available individually.


Materials Included in Kit: 
Bottles, jars, polypropylene, 120 mL, 10
Coin envelope, 10
Crime scene tape, 1000 feet
Evidence bags, 50
Evidence labels, 100
Evidence numbers, 1-15
Evidence seal, 15