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Priced right for general eye safety, these goggles are the economical choice for protective eyewear that also offers a buffer against chemical splashes. These goggles are one of the best options for those on tight budgets! They feature indirect ventilation to prevent accidental chemical contact. These goggles will also keep students and adults from touching their eyes, and are reasonably comfortable. Plus, they're available with or without fog-free lens.

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The old saying “you get what you pay for” is especially true for chemical splash goggles. If you can afford the higher quality chemical splash goggles (i.e., AP3306, etc.) then we strongly encourage you to purchase them. However, for those schools on a very tight budget, we now have available the Flinn economy choice chemical splash goggle. This goggle is reasonably comfortable to wear and fits over most prescription glasses. Indirect ventilation prevents chemical splashes from ever entering the goggle. Meets ANSI Z87+D3 standards. Available in standard and fog-free lenses. Goggles are clear with black vents and black straps.