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30% hydrogen peroxide requires special storage and handling procedures. It is a very strong oxidizing agent and severely corrosive to skin, eyes and respiratory tract. Many common substances, including iron and other transition metals, will catalyze the decomposition to product copious amounts of oxygen gas and heat. The 30% solution is a dangerous fire and explosion risk—do not heat. Wear appropriate protective clothing. TLV 1.4 mg/m3. Dilute 3% and 6% hydrogen peroxide solutions are weak oxidizers and skin and eye irritants.


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Inorganic #6. We frequently find 30% hydrogen peroxide stored in school refrigerators. We do not recommend storing any laboratory chemicals in household-type refrigerators.
Shelf Life:
Fair to poor; stored at room temperature the substance decomposes at approximately 0.5% per year.
Water and alcohol.
CAS No.: