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In the K'NEX Introduction to Simple Machines, Wheels, Axles, and Inclined Planes Kit for physical science and physics, study the most fundamentally simple machines. Gain hands-on appreciation for these simple machines.

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Product Details

Your students will be “rolling” in the aisles! With this set, students study the most fundamental simple machines-the wheel and the wedge. By building one of three wheel and axle models, or three inclined plane models, students gain a hands-on appreciation for the applications of these simplest of machines. As a final exercise, students investigate the screw model and discover that this tool is actually a combination of an inclined plane and a wheel and axle. Real-world models help students recognize the scientific principles behind many objects they use on a daily basis. Each kit includes enough materials for one group of two to three students. Complete building instructions are included. 221 pieces packaged in a durable plastic storage tub. A 39-page inquiry-based Teacher's Guide is available for download.