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Investigating Light and Optics - Student Laboratory Kit

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: AP7055

Price: $155.45

In the Investigating Light and Optics Laboratory Kit for physical science and physics, carry out five comprehensive, hands-on experiments and examine the nature of light, color, and optics.

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Product Details

How does light and color impact our perception of objects? Students will carry out five comprehensive, hands-on experiments to examine the nature of light, color and optics. • Observe the reflection of light using mirrors and refraction of light through water and other transparent objects. • Using a combination of lenses, students investigate the properties of concave and convex lenses, learn how to focus a “real image” onto a screen, and they create a working telescope! • Experiments with polarized light help students compare the properties of different types of plastics. • Explore the nature of color—students learn the difference between color mixing by addition and color mixing by subtraction and study an optical illusion to discover that the colors we perceive are not always “black and white.” Versatile “activity-stations” lab kit is excellent for either introductory or advanced-level classes. Easy-to-set-up lab stations allow different student groups to work independently to explore a specific aspect of light, color and optics. Once one activity is completed, students move on to the next lab station. Detailed instructions and Teacher Notes are provided. Complete for 30 students working in groups of three. Standard laboratory equipment and flashlights are required and available separately.