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Item #: I0060

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F.W. 253.81

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Toxic by ingestion or inhalation. Reacts violently with reducing materials, sulfur, iron, alkali metals, metal powders and phosphorus. Irritates the skin; corrosive to eyes and respiratory tract. TLV 1.0 mg/m3.

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Item# I0060 I0006 I0007
Grade Lab Grade Reagent Reagent
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Product Details

Shelf Life:
Fair; the substance sublimes. Reacts with and corrodes metal shelves or metal containers. Store in a Flinn Chem-Saf™ Bag.
Many organic solvents; not water.
Black/purple solid
Unique; acrid
CAS No.:
Technical Note:
Iodine may be removed from clothing by washing the stain with a 10% solution of sodium thiosulfate and then rinsing with water. Packaged in wax-sealed, PVC-coated bottles.