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Kinetics, Equilibrium and Acids and Bases

Kinetics / Introduction to Reaction Rates
Wax Vapor Combustion in a Test Tube    Video    PDF
Sudsy Kinetics   Video  PDF
Silent Lecture   Video  PDF   
Blue Bottle Experiment   Video  PDF
Dragon Breath in a Dust Can   Video  PDF

Kinetics / Rate Laws
Rate of Reaction of Sodium Thiosulfate and Hydrochloric Acid    Video   PDF
Iodine Clock Challenge    Video   PDF
How Does a Clock Reaction Work?    Video   PDF

Kinetics / Effect of Temperature on Reaction
Reaction Kinetics in Blue    Video   PDF
Lightstick Kinetics    Video   PDF

Kinetics / Catalysis
Catalytic Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide    Video   PDF
Pink Catalyst    Video   PDF
Catalytic Oxidation of Acetone by Copper    Video   PDF
Magic Genie    Video   PDF
Inhibition of Hydrogen Peroxide    Video   PDF
Ostwald Oxidation of Ammonia    Video   PDF

Kinetics / Activation Energy

Smashing Thermit Reaction    Video   PDF
Racquetball Kinetics    Video   PDF
Fuel Cells in Eggshells    Video   PDF
Hand Blasters    Video   PDF

Kinetics / Reaction Pathways
Yellow-Blue Switcheroo    Video   PDF
The Funnel Chain    Video   PDF
Cobalt Catalyst and the Activated Complex    Video   PDF
Clock Reaction Race    Video   PDF

Equilibrium / Exploring Equilibrium
Overhead Equilibrium    Video   PDF
Common Ion Effect    Video   PDF
Common Ion Effect Revisited    Video   PDF
Silver "One-Pot" Demonstration    Video   PDF

Equilibrium / Models and Simulations
Equilibrium Demonstrations - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!    Video   PDF
Aquarium Analogy with Two Aquaria    Video   PDF
Aquarium Analogy with One Aquarium    Video   PDF

Equilibrium / LeChatelier's Principle
Temperature Equilibrium Tubes    Video   PDF
Upset Tummy? - MOM to the Rescue    Video   PDF
Cobalt Complex Ions    Video   PDF
LeChatelier's Principle and the Solubility of Carbon Dioxide    Video   PDF

Acids and Bases / Introduction to Acids and Bases
The pH is Right Game    Video   PDF
Velcro Gloves and Ball Set    Video   PDF
Indicator Sponge    Video   PDF

Acids and Bases / Natural Indicators and Household Substances
Red Cabbage Indicator    Video   PDF
Natural Indicators    Video   PDF
Goldenrod Messages and Name Tags    Video   PDF

Acids and Bases / Acid-Base Indicators
The "Rainbow Connection"    Video   PDF
Orange Juice and Strawberry Float    Video   PDF
The Sodium Spectrum    Video   PDF
Phenolphthalein is Pink in Base    Video   PDF
Disappearing Ink    Video   PDF

Acids and Bases / Neutralization Reactions
Multi-Use for MOM    Video   PDF
MOM and pH    Video   PDF
Large pH Tube    Video   PDF
pH Rainbow Tube    Video   PDF
Nonadditivity of Volumes    Video   PDF

Acids and Bases / Weak Acids and Bases
Hydrolysis of Salts    Video   PDF
Dry Ice Rainbow of Colors    Video   PDF
Battle of the Acids    Video   PDF
Ammonia Fountain with Bromthymol Blue    Video   PDF
Acidic, Basic and Neutral Salts    Video   PDF

Acids and Bases / Buffers
Bet on Buffers    Video   PDF
Buffering of Lakes    Video   PDF
Buffer Balancing Acts    Video   PDF

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