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Item #: SE1900 

Price: $6,350.00

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Labconco Basic™ Fume Hoods feature a tempered glass sash, brightly lit work area, removable motor blower, and two-piece adjustable baffle. Two sizes are available.

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Item# SE1900 SE1901
Size 4 Foot 6 Foot
Exterior Dimensions 47" W x 25" D x 48" H (without blower) 70" W x 25" D x 48" H (without blower)
Electrical Requirements 115 Volts / 6.8 Amps 115 Volts / 12.9 Amps
Price $6,350.00 $9,200.00
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Product Details

Labconco Basic™ Fume Hoods • Tempered 3/16" thick safety glass sash protects the user while providing excellent visibility. • Bright work area is illuminated by a 100-watt, vaporproof, incandescent light. • Two-piece baffle is adjustable to handle both lighter- and heavier-than air vapors. • Removable motor blower mounts on top of the hood or at a remote roof location. • Two sizes from which to select. Designed for the school science Laboratory. The Labconco Basic fume hood is simple in design yet will handle the most rigorous demands of your science laboratory. Labconco's automatic bypass system reduces face velocity fluctuations and ensures efficient removal of fumes. The hood's durable epoxy-coated, 16-gauge steel liner will resist corrosion from chemical fumes. The concealed counterbalancing sash weight makes sash position control effortless. Two sizes of fume hoods are available. The 4-foot hood is ideal as a single lab team workstation. Equipped with a 1/3-hp motor blower, this hood will overcome a maximum external static pressure of .25 H2O at 100 fpm face velocity (720 CFM). The 6-foot hood is spacious enough to accommodate two lab teams. Equipped with a 3/4-hp motor blower, the larger hood will overcome a maximum external static pressure of .23 H2O at 100 fpm face velocity (1120 CFM). Each hood includes a 10" diameter PVC exhaust collar for connection to an external duct system. The right side service panel is factory prepared for three service fixtures, one electrical duplex receptacle, and one airflow monitor. Receptacles and service fixtures are sold separately. Fume hood color is glacier white. Units are ETL listed. The listed height dimension is without blower.


Exterior Dimensions: 47" W x 25" D x 48" H. Electrical requirements: 115 volts, 6.8 Amps.