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Laboratory Experiments for Advanced Placement Chemistry 2nd Edition - Student Edition

Author: Sally Ann Vonderbrink, Ph.D., , Retired Chemistry Teacher, St. Xavier H. S., Cincinnati, OH

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Laboratory Experiments for Advanced Placement* Chemistry 2nd Edition Lab Manuals contain nine new experiments and have teacher notes following the student procedure for each experiment.

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Product Details

This recognized standard of AP Chemistry Experiments has been updated to address the latest goals, recommendations and requirements of the AP Chemistry curriculum as specified by the College Board. The second edition contains nine brand new experiments and has teacher notes following the student procedure for each experiment. Newly updated AP lab manual features: • 26 experiments that are as advanced as those found in first-year college texts but have been adapted to the time and material constraints of the high school teacher. • Comprehensive teacher notes describing methods of solution preparation, sample data, suggestions for setting up and performing the experiments, and updated post-lab calculation and analysis sections. • Experiments that use microscale techniques and technology wherever practical. • Pre-lab assignments for each experiment that will ensure students are prepared for lab. • Challenging and interesting experiments, many of which involve quantitative analysis techniques and analysis of “unknowns.” Some of the 26 new and updated experiments: • The Empirical Formula of Silver Oxide • Determining the Molar Volume of a Gas • Oxidation–Reduction Titrations • Determination of Ka of Weak Acids • Study of the Kinetics of a Reaction • Synthesis of Tetraaminecopper(II) Sulfate Monohydrate • Study of Electrochemical Cells and Electrolysis • Gravimetric Analysis of a Metal Carbonate • Thermochemistry and Hess’s Law Dr. Sally Ann Vonderbrink is a recognized expert in the field of AP Chemistry. Besides teaching AP Chemistry for 30 years, Dr. Vonderbrink has presented numerous AP Workshops and for 11 years has been a reader and table leader for grading the AP Chemistry Exam. The first edition of Laboratory Experiments for Advanced Placement Chemistry has been used across the country and is widely acclaimed as the best manual of its kind. Spiral-bound.