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Laboratory Experiments for Advanced Placement® Chemistry, Guided-Inquiry Edition—Teacher Edition

Author: Sally Ann Vonderbrink, Ph.D., Retired, St. Xavier H. S., Cincinnati, OH

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The Laboratory Experiments for Advanced Placement® Chemistry, Guided-Inquiry Edition is the recognized standard of AP® Chemistry experiments. This updated manual features advanced, challenging experiments accommodating time and material constraints.

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The Best AP Chemistry Lab Manual Got Better! The recognized standard-bearer of AP Chemistry experiments has been updated to address the latest goals, recommendations and requirements of the AP Chemistry curriculum as specified by the College Board.

The guided-inquiry edition includes seven updated inquiry experiments and one new inquiry experiment. Updated AP lab manual features:
• 26 experiments that are as advanced as those found in first-year college texts, but have been adapted to the time and material constraints of the high school teacher.
• Comprehensive teacher notes describing methods of solution preparation, sample data, suggestions for setting up and performing the experiments, post-lab calculation and analysis sections, and suggestions for added inquiry.
• Experiments that use microscale techniques and technology wherever practical.
• Pre-lab assignments for each experiment that will ensure students are prepared for lab.
• Challenging and interesting experiments, many of which involve quantitative analysis techniques and analysis of “unknowns.”

Some of the updated inquiry experiments:

• Oxidation–Reduction Titrations
• An Activity Series
• Finding the Ratio of Moles of Reactions in a Chemical Reaction
• Preparation and Properties of Buffer Solutions
• Determination of the Solubility Product of an Ionic Compound
• Acid–Base Titrations
• Identify the White Substance
• Kinetics of a Reaction

Dr. Sally Ann Vonderbrink is a recognized expert in the field of AP Chemistry. Besides teaching AP Chemistry for 30 years, Dr. Vonderbrink has presented numerous AP Workshops and has been a reader and table leader for grading the AP Chemistry Exam.

Laboratory Experiments for Advanced Placement® Chemistry has been used across the country and is widely acclaimed as the best manual of its kind. 8½" × 11".