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Landforms in Three Dimensions, Set 2

by Flinn Scientific

Item #: AP5101

Price: $24.10

Landforms in Three Dimensions Stereo Photographs Set is a comprehensive sets of stereo photographs that allows you to investigate the effects of Earth's powerful forces on its landforms.

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Investigate the effects of Earth's powerful forces on its landforms with these comprehensive sets of stereo photographs. Set 1 provides examples of various landforms and geological features such as rock structures, glaciation, volcanoes, desert regions, streams, and coastlines. Set 2 features folding, faulting, stream erosion, igneous activity, a landslide and mineral deposition. Each set contains 20 pairs of aerial stereo photographs printed on 9" x 9" heavy card stock, along with a study guide outlining each landform and geological process. Designed for use with our mirror stereoscope, AP5103; also can be used with our student stereoscope glasses, AP5264.