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Explore the anatomy of six common animals though virtual dissection. Perfect as a predissection assignment or as a physical dissection alternative, these virtual labs allow students to get a practical “hands-on” type experience either before using, or without picking up, a real scalpel. From earthworms to fetal pigs, students explore basic anatomy and gain a deeper understanding of anatomical features and organs.

Special features include:

  • Drag-and-Drop Tools: Allow students to manipulate and explore the insides of an organismanatomical features and organs can be easily identified, picked up and removed or added.

  • Interactive Diagrams: Enable students to explore microscopic views of larger organs and tissues—letting them get a closer view without a microscope.
  • Video Tutorials on Dissection: Students can review at home or ahead of a lab—so they arrive confident and ready to tackle the science at hand.
  • Detailed Background Information: All the necessary background information is provided on each species and written for students—so it’s easy to understand.
  • Staff Scientists at Your Disposal: We have a team of scientists that can answer your questions, explain the solution before you purchase or talk you through a lab or an experiment gone (or going) wrong—so you never have to worry about the wrong choice or not knowing what to do. Simply give us a call!

New Biology Digital Dissection Labs

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