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Lecture Bottle, Helium

by Flinn Scientific

Item #: LB1010

Price: $387.61

CAS No.7440-59-7

The standard lecture bottle is 2" in diameter and 15" long. A lecture bottle will fill approximately five 11" balloons with gas. Helium lecture bottle contains 2 cu. ft. (56 liters). These lecture bottles are not refillable. Please consider our refillable gas cylinders. They provide more gas, eliminate disposal problems, and save you money.

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Hazard Alert

Please do not allow students to inhale helium. Government health agencies and industrial safety representatives have taken strong stands against the practice of breathing helium to demonstrate the change in pitch that occurs when breathing a lighter-than-air gas. Breathing helium removes oxygen from the bloodstream, so it's not the same and actually worse than just "holding your breath."

This item can only be shipped to schools, museums and science centers

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Item# LB1010 LB1065
Refillable No Yes
Size 2 cu. ft. (56 L) 3.6 cu. ft. (100 L)
Price $387.61 $349.71
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Product Details

CAS No.7440-59-7