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Limnological Water Analysis Kit for environmental science is a super kit for the study of fresh water environments-ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, and marshes. Refill is available.

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A super kit for the study of fresh water environments—ponds, lakes, streams, rivers and marshes. Student will test for nitrates, phosphates, silica and pH by using color comparators. Carbon dioxide, water hardness and dissolved oxygen will be studied by performing simple, easy-to-use micro burette titrations.The individualized tests are separately packaged allowing several teams of students to work simultaneously. The complete test kit contains materials and instructions to run each test 40–50 times. Three handbooks are provided with the kit: Limnology, A Study of Water Quality and Investigating Water Problems. Durable, industrial-grade fabric tote features a rubber bottom, top and side handles, a removable shoulder strap, and convenient outside pockets.