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Micropipet, Fixed-Volume, 25 µL

by Flinn Scientific

Item #: FB1517

Price: $36.45

Fixed-volume micropipets are accurate and reliable and give students real-life practice dispensing small volumes of liquids. Included is one disposable micropipet tip; additional micropipet tips are available separately.

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Item# FB2151 FB1517
Capacity 10 µL 25 µL
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Over 200 biology demonstrations! Look no further for an idea bank of great biology demonstrations. The authors have reviewed, written and tested a multitude of classroom demos. The best and most dramatic made it into this must-have resource book. There are enough demonstrations provided to literally perform “a demo a day” for the entire school year. Each demonstration is specifically designed with the high school biology teacher and classroom facility in mind. The write-up includes an overview, applications, theoretical basis, materials, safety precautions, demonstration directions, disposal procedures and references. The authors also provide a philosophical framework for the demonstrations in their introduction to the book. The demonstrations are divided into sixteen chapters: Process of Science, Inquiry and Safety, What is Life?, Chemistry of Biology, Kinetics of Biology: Enzymes, Energy in Biology: Respiration, Energy in Biology: Photosynthesis, Cell Structure and Function, Cells: Transport Across Membranes, DNA and Biotechnology, Sexual Reproduction, Meiosis and Heredity, Evolution, Diversity of Life: Microorganisms, Diversity of Life: Plant, Diversity of Life: Animals, Vertebrate Body Systems and Homeostasis, Ecology. Bring biology demonstrations back to life! 318 pages, 8½" x 11", spiral-bound.