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Item #: AP8090 

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Variable-volume micropipets help you dispense and sample accurate liquid volumes. They operate on air displacement principle and use detachable, disposable tips, which are available separately.

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Capacity 2–20 µL 0.5–10 µL 10–100 µL 20–200 µL 100–1000 µL
Readability 0.1 µL 0.1 µL 1 µL 1 µL 1 µL
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Sample and dispense accurate liquid volume amounts with these durable micropipets. Device operates on air displacement principle and uses detachable, disposable tips. Adjustable volume and easy-to-read digital displays. Made from mechanically durable and autoclavable material. Fitted with a tip ejector, eliminating the risk of contamination. All pipets come factory calibrated and are adjusted to give the volume as specified. Includes: instruction manual, calibration certificate, shelf hanger, tip sample and service tool. Micropipet tips are required and available separately.