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Product Details

Following electrophoresis, use the Mini Trans-Blot cell to transfer proteins from a gel to a membrane. Visualize proteins of interest on the membrane using one of Bio-Rad’s colorimetric detection assays.

The Mini Trans-Blot cell blotting module is interchangeable with the Mini-PROTEAN Tetra cell electrophoresis module, allowing the same tank and lid to be used for electrophoresis and blotting.

Key features:

  • Transfers up to two 10 x 7.5 cm gels simultaneously
  • High field strength for rapid 1 hr transfers
  • Can be run overnight at low voltage
  • Wire electrodes are placed 4 cm apart for strong electrical fields and efficient protein transfer
  • Color-coded cassettes and electrodes ensure proper orientation of the gel during transfer
  • The Blue Ice cooling unit, completely contained within the Mini Trans-Blot cell, absorbs heat generated during rapid transfers
  • Available either as a complete stand-alone apparatus or as a module compatible with the buffer tank and lid of the Mini-PROTEAN Tetra cell

Bio-Rad Item No.: 1660827EDU