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Item# AP8708 OB1054 OB2083 OB2172 AP9112 OB2173 OB2175 OB2174
Capacity 220 g 420 g 420 g 620 g 620 g 2200 g 6200 g 8200 g
Readability 0.01-g 0.1-g 0.01-g 0.1-g 0.1-g 0.1-g 0.1-g 1.0 g
Precision 0.01-g 0.1-g 0.01-g 0.1-g 0.1-g 0.1-g 0.1-g 0.1 g
Ohaus Model No. SKX222 SKX421 SKX422 SPX621 SKX621 SPX2201 SPX6201 SPX8200
Pan Size 12 cm Dia. 12 cm Dia. 12 cm Dia. 14 cm x 17 cm 14 cm x 17 cm 14 cm x 17 cm 14 cm x 17 cm 14 cm x 17 cm
Price $427.50 $243.00 $603.00 $326.70 $340.20 $407.70 $675.00 $342.00
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Product Details

Ohaus Scout® SKX balances are high-quality, low-cost electronic balances that offer:
• Large, high-contrast LCD with backlight for exceptional visibility
• Large weighing pan for easy weighing
• Improved stabilization time
• Sealed front panel and molded spill ring ensures ease of cleanup
• Increased load/shock protection
• Overload and sudden impact protection
• Models up to 620 g come with a calibration weight

Great for laboratory and industrial applications, Ohaus Scout® SPX balances also feature:
• Adjustable leveling feet
• Illuminated upfront level indicator

The Ohaus and Flinn 5-year warranty guarantees you’ll be pleased with these balances. Each balance is supplied with a 120-volt AC adapter, but will run on four AA batteries sold separately. RS-232 or USB computer interface is available on these balances as a special-order option.


Ohaus Model No. SKX422.
Capacity: 420 g.
Precision/Readability: 0.01 g.
Power Supply: AC Adapter.
Pan Size: 12 cm diameter.