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PAVO Bundle: Magnetic Forces

Item #: PAV1046

Price: $225.65

In this PAVO Bundle, students learn about magnetic forces through videos, worksheets, and hands-on experiments. Our bundles include everything a science instructor needs to conduct fun, engaging lessons. With all the content and tools included in each bundle, your students are guaranteed an elevated learning experience.

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Product Details

This PAVO bundle allows students to master the topic of magnetic forces through hands-on synchronous and asynchronous activities. Laboratory videos of real phenomena serve to engage students visually. Meanwhile, interactive/self-grading helps track student progress. From observing magnetic field lines to exploring electromagnetism, students will undergo a series of hands-on experiments and activities that help them cultivate a better understanding of magnetic forces. When all is said and done, students will be able to describe Earth's magnetic field, understand how a moving magnetic field can induce another magnetic field, and have built their own electromagnet.

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1- year access to:


Science2Go: Magnestism


Materials Included in FLINNlabs: 3-D Magnetic Field Jar Demonstration Kit:

Iron filings, non-rusting, 10 g

Mineral oil, 500 mL

Bottle, gas collecting, flint glass

Cap, molded, drilled with test tube, F-217, 70 mm diameter

Cow magnet


Materials Included in FLINNlabs: Earth's Magnetic Field:

Iron filings, non-rusting, 100 g

Compasses, magnetic, small, 15

Index cards, single-ruled, 3" x 5", 15

Magnets, alnico, pair, 1½", 4

Magnetic marbles, blue, ⅝", 15

Petri dishes, 50 mm x 15 mm, 15


Materials Included in FLINNlabs: Eddy Currents Demonstration Kit:

Aluminum cylinder, wrapped in shrink tube

Aluminum tube, 2 feet long, 1" o.d., ⅛" w

End caps, vinyl, black, 1" x 1", 2

Magnet wrapped in shrink tube


Materials Included in 360Science: Introduction to Electromagnetism:

Compasses, Pkg/10

Connector cords w/ alligator clips, 22", 20

Iron nails, Pkg/10

Magnet wire spools, 38 m, 2

Mini soda bottles, 10

Neodymium magnets, Pkg/10

Paper clips, steel, pKg/100, 2

Plastic jar, 60 mL, 10

Sandpaper, 9" x 11" sheet