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Digital + Hands On
Old Foamey
Digital + Activity Sheets
POGIL Activity


Your free kit can be used in many ways - by itself or with other great resources! We have set you up with access to Science2Go and a POGIL book, which can be assigned to, and accessed by, students in PAVO. We describe how you can use your free kit with those resources below to build a great experience for your students! Check your email for a welcome message that includes instructions on how to access your free activities:

Digital + Hands On: Old Foamey (By Itself)

Your demonstration kit dramatically shows the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide. You can use this kit to introduce chemical reactions and the signs associated with them, or as an introduction to kinetics. This dramatic demonstration shows how catalysts speed up chemical reactions. You can use the chemicals straight out of the box to show a fast decomposition reaction, or you can dilute the hydrogen peroxide to show how the reaction rate changes with concentration. Ask students what they think will happen when you control everything, including the amounts of reactants, and make the hydrogen peroxide concentration the independent variable. Then, let students observe whether their predictions are correct and explain why reactions speed up with concentration. Ask them why it is important to control all other factors in order to draw conclusions about the effect of concentration on reaction rate.

Digital: Science2Go

Pair your kit with the Science2Go Kinetics lab. Students can engage in a completely asynchronous activity that builds their scientific reasoning skills by exposing them to videos and three-dimensional questions on kinetics. Science2Go is a great way to introduce new topics and the activities are impactful on their own or as prelaboratory preparation. You can track individual student progress in any activity from your PAVO dashboard.

Digital + Activity Sheets: POGIL activity

POGIL (Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning) activities are done by groups of students with teacher facilitation. Students must make sense of models to ultimately understand new science topics including Reaction Rates. These activities can be used along with laboratory activities to help students form deep, conceptual understandings.

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