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The poor man's buret is an ordinary syringe that has been converted into a buret. It works just like an ordinary buret but is one that everyone can afford. It cannot replace the accuracy of a glass buret, but you cannot beat the price.

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Finally, here is a buret that everyone can afford. We've taken an ordinary syringe and converted it into a buret. If you can't afford the high-priced burets, we think you'll be impressed with our Poor Man's Buret. It works just like an ordinary buret: beginning and ending readings are taken, and the stopcock controls the dispensing rate from drop by drop to freeflow. Our Poor Man's Buret can't replace the accuracy of a glass buret, but with today's school budgets, you can't beat the price. We even include the syringe plunger so that you can “unconvert” it and use the syringe. It comes in 60-mL or 30-mL sizes to fit your needs.