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Potassium, 5 Small Demonstration Pieces

Item #: P0204

Price: $22.25


A.W. 39.10

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Hazard Alert

Extremely dangerous in contact with moisture and water; releases hydrogen with sufficient heat to cause ignition or explosion; may ignite spontaneously in air or oxygen; can cause severe skin or eye burns. Shipped under dry oil (no water) and that is the way it must be stored. Keep away from water and handle with dry utensils. SPECIALHAZARD ALERT: Peroxide coatings are well known to develop on the exterior surface of potassium metal. The peroxide coating consists of potassium superoxide (KO2) and potassium peroxide (K2O2). Potassium superoxide is yellow and reacts explosively with the light oil in which the product is stored when the metal is cut into small pieces. Do not us any potassium that is old or yellow! If you have a choice as to which alkali metal you use, sodium metal is a better choice since, upon aging, it does not develop peroxides.

This item can only be shipped to schools, museums and science centers

Product Details

Inorganic #1 under dry oil in a Flinn Saf-Stor™ Can.
Shelf Life:
Poor; see SpecialHAZARD ALERT above.
Do not attempt to place into solution.
As new metal, silvery; as old metal, gray to white to off-white.
CAS No.: