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The QWS4 water still is made of borosilicate glass that allows perfect viewing of the distillation process. It comes with a built-in thermostat and is mounted on a metal stand. Available as 230 V and standard 120 V.

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Product Details

The QWS4 still's combination of features and its low price make it perfect for the school laboratory.

Features include:
• Output capacity 4Liters/Hour pyrogen free* single distilled water
• Water still is easy to install and use
• Reliable operation - proven quality components
• High quality distillate complies to ASTM and ISO standards
• Safe operation - heating element has two built-in safety thermostats
• Water still is easy to clean - no glass dismantling necessary
• CE Marked
• Supplied with an instruction/operating manual
• All of the major components are available as spare parts

*Care must always be taken to obtain pyrogen- free distilled water from the water still. The distillate must be tested prior to use.

The still is made of a sturdy borosilicate glass that allows perfect viewing of the distillation process. Glass is exposed so the still requires a good location to avoid accidental breakage. A built-in thermostat protects the still from overheating if the water supply should fail. It is mounted on a metal stand that sits on a table or can mount on a wall. Cleaning is easily done by adding the cleaning agent to a built-in funnel and drainer through a stopcock. 50/60 Hz, UL listed. Dimensions are 20" x 6" x 18".