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Methanol, absolute


F.W. 32.04

Safety Purchase Suggestion: Please consider the use of anhydrous ethyl alcohol (E0012, etc.) as a substitute. Ethyl alcohol is a good substitute for methyl alcohol for most laboratory experiments and as a burner fuel. Avoid purchasing 20-liter cans of this substance unless you have approved, dedicated flammables storage.

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Hazard Alert

Flammable; dangerous fire risk; toxic by ingestion (ingestion of as little as 15 mL has caused blindness). TLV 262 mg/m3. LD50 5628 mg/kg. SPECIAL HAZARD ALERT: Laboratory accidents involving methyl alcohol occur when vapor in the air ignites and travels back to the source, causing a flash fire. Always cap the bottle of methyl alcohol and remove it from the area prior to performing any demonstration involving open flames, sparks or heat. Use only a small amount and always perform demonstrations behind a safety shield. Please call or email us to request Flinn Safety Fax Publication No. 10497, Methyl Alcohol Safety, for more detailed safety information and instructions.

Product Details

Organic #2 in a dedicated flammables cabinet. If one is not available, store in a Flinn Saf-Stor™ Can.
Shelf Life:
Good if stored safely.
Miscible with water and alcohol.
CAS No.: