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Atomic Sizes and Radii Charts

By: The Flinn Staff

The Atomic Sizes and Radii Chart for chemistry classrooms is arranged in an easy-to-read format, allowing students to study the relationship between the atomic number and the size of an atom with ease.

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Product Details

The value for the atomic radius and the relative size of each element is presented in a familiar periodic table format. This easy-to-read arrangement allows students to see the effect the atomic number has on the size of an atom across any period and down any group. In addition, a table is included comparing the relative size of common cations and anions to their neutral atoms. Chart size is 48" x 32". Printed on sturdy 80# stock with a reduced-glare laminate covering. Four eyelets at the top prevent tearing, and allow for easy hanging and removal during test time. Also available in 8½" x 11" notebook size, pad of 30 (Catalog No. AP7223).