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The Flinn’s Exploring Chemistry™—Introduction to Chemistry—Matter and Measurement Package provides a foundation for both learning how experiments are conducted and how to study chemistry with three experiments, one demonstration and a POGIL™ activity.

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Product Details

The study of chemistry begins in the lab! Build a solid foundation for student achievement with five activities—three experiments, one demonstration and a POGIL™ activity.

• The scientific method is a process of discovery! Begin with Observation and Experiment, a guided-inquiry lab that students hold in their hands to see and feel what chemistry is all about.
• Captivate students with the most popular demonstration ever, Polyurethane Foam! Students learn about chemical and physical changes leading to one amazing product.
• With the Organizing Data POGIL activity, students recognize that the scientific method involves more than collecting data.
• Learn to measure mass and volume, graph data and identify trends with the Discovering Density experiment.
• Continue sorting data with the Properties of Elements microscale experiment. Investigate the physical and chemical properties of eight elements and classify them as metals, nonmetals or metalloids.

Includes chemicals, specialized materials and complete instructions as well as free online video resources for three classes of 30 students working in pairs. Common laboratory equipment is required and available separately.