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Authors: George R. Gross, Margaret A. Holzer and Edward A. Colangelo

A Demo A Day™—A Year of Earth Science Demonstrations is a full-year collection of Earth science demonstrations that have been gathered and organized into one book. Nearly 150 demonstrations.

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A full-year collection of Earth science demonstrations—gathered and organized in one convenient resource book! The nearly 150 demonstrations are teacher-friendly and ready-to-use, written by teachers for teachers. Many of the activities are “traditional, tried and true”—others are presented with the authors’ unique and creative twist. Use one or all of the demos from this book to introduce a topic, illustrate a point or review a concept. Whatever you choose, these engaging demonstrations will excite and motivate your students and “turn them on” to Earth science.

The demonstrations are divided into five units:
• Introduction to Earth Science—Methods, Mapping and Measurement
• Astronomy and Planetary Science
• Earth’s Crust and River Systems
• Weather and Climate
• Oceanography and Water Resources

Each write-up includes an overview, applications, theory, materials, safety precautions, preparation, demonstration procedure, outcomes, disposal and references. The authors make it easy to work the demos into your class no matter how much time you have. 222 pages, 8½" × 11", spiral-bound.