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Use these radioactive sources to compare different types of radiation. The isotope name, type of radiation, activity in microcuries and half life is written on each sealed disc.

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Type Cobalt-60 Thallium-204 Polonium-210 Set of Three Sources
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Product Details

Completely safe for use in the science laboratory! Each source is mounted in a one-inch diameter sealed disc and is completely safe for student use. Three radioactive sources are available: Alpha, Beta and Gamma. Perfect for showing the different properties of all types of radiation. For instance, students will be able to see that alpha particles can be blocked very easily yet gamma rays are nearly impossible to block. The isotope name, type of radiation, activity in microcuries and half life are written on each sealed disc.

You may purchase three types of radioactive sources separately.

Nuclide Activity Half Life  Type of Radiation
Polonium-210 0.1 μCi 138 days Alpha
Thallium-204 1.0 μCi 3.78 years Beta
Cobalt-60 1.0 μCi 5.27 years Gamma
Strontium-90 0.1 μCi 28.6 years Beta


Set of three (Cobalt-60, Polonium-210 and Strontium-90). Best if used within four months of delivery due to half life of polonium.