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Item #: LB1070

Price: $339.61

CAS No. 1333-74-0

Everyone can now afford to use gases in the laboratory with Flinn Scientific’s refillable gas cylinders. Instead of buying a new gas cylinder every year, you save money by only purchasing a refill. In fact, your savings will multiply with every refill. Refillables are also environmentally sound, eliminating unnecessary disposal problems. Refilling is recycling. Also note that refillables contain twice the volume of lecture bottles. This means you will save money by purchasing gas less often. Flinn’s return process for refillable cylinders is easy. Every time you need a gas, purchase a refillable cylinder. The price of the refillable cylinder includes the cost of the gas and a deposit on the cylinder. If you need to refill a cylinder, send us an order for the refillable cylinder of gas you wish to purchase and contact us to return your empty cylinder. Your new cylinder of gas will promptly be sent to you. When we receive your empty cylinder, a credit will be applied to your account. If you wish to return an empty cylinder that does not require a refill, contact us for return instructions so a credit is correctly applied to your account.

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Hazard Alert

Highly flammable gas; severe fire hazard.

This item can only be shipped to schools, museums and science centers

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Item# LB1015 LB1070
Refillable No Yes
Size 2 cu. ft. (56 L) 3.6 cu. ft. (100 L)
Price $240.41 $339.61
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Product Details

CAS No. 1333-74-0