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Join Flinn staff scientist Dr. Alan Downward as he takes us on a journey through the geology of New Zealand.

Earth’s Magnetic Field:
Super Value Kit
With Earth’s Magnetic Field Laboratory Kit for Earth science, use iron filings, a magnetic sphere and a compass to determine the locations of North and South poles on a simulated magnetic Earth.

360Science™: The Formation of Soil
In this lab experience, students carry out an investigation to determine the composition of soil and simulate the geologic processes that form it.

Investigate the Rock 

In this lab experience, students track a rock through stages of the rock cycle by moving from one station to another based on a roll of the rock cycle die at each station illustrating how matter is cycled. The various stages experienced and the amount of time spent at each will be recorded.

The Atlantis Globe
The Atlantis Globe contains true to life color and both raised and indented relief to illustrate mountains, deserts, forests, and grasslands.

Minerals Poster
Minerals Poster for geology has magnifcient full-color photographs with great detail, size, and clarity. Comparisons between the minerals is made easy.

Classroom Rock Collection
Classroom Rock Collection for geology and Earth
science is our most complete rock collection, and
it contains 45 specimens in all. Clearly illustrates
the characteristic features of each rock group.