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With Solar-Powered Cars—Flinn STEM Design Challenge™, build model cars that run on energy from the Sun. Learn how solar cars work and investigate different variables.

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Product Details

Students build their very own model cars that run on energy from the Sun! These solar vehicles use mini solar panels to convert the Sun’s energy to electricity. In the first part of this activity, students learn how a solar car works and build a model prototype. Next they investigate different variables to determine their effect on the car’s performance. Based on the data collected and their observations, students create an optimal design solution for a faster moving car. This activity increases the level of student enthusiasm and ownership of the results as they apply their knowledge and reasoning skills while actively engaging in the engineering design process!


Materials Included in Refill Kit for 8 Student Groups:
Carboard sheets, 4¼" x 5", 8
DC motors, Mabuchi©, Solar Made©, 8
Solar car accessory bags, 8
Solar mini panels, 1 V, 400 mA, 8
Straws, red, 8", 8